eTracer files

I've made all my tube configurations for the eTracer available on this page. The zip file includes all the tube.cfg files as well as a complete CSV scans for most of these tubes so you can play with them on your own eTracer.


Please take note that some original files will be overwritten (see below which ones).

DOWNLOAD FILE (165kb, 10/08/2018)


Russian tubes: 4P1L*, 6E5P*, 6E6P*, 6S4P, 6S19P, 6S41S, 6S45P-E, 6Z1P*, 6Z9P*, 6Z11P*, 6Z49P*, 6P14P/EL84M*

U.S. tubes: 1G4GT, 10Y, 30/VT67, 71 (tt fil), 205D TJ, 801A, 1626, 5847/404A*, 6688*, VT52

European tubes: 3A/167M, EC8010, E810F*, D3a*, KC3, RS241

Stock files that I edited: 5842, E180F, EL34


* denotes pentodes measured in triode mode