Site Updates


01-10-2017  Updated Links, My Setup and Software Tools pages
01-10-2017  Added the Quicksilver page
30-09-2017  Updated the Wood horn and Screech pages
16-09-2017  Added new projects after a 13 year hiatus.
21-06-2007  Removed FTP section as new server doesn't allow direct FTP access (moved two years ago)
21-06-2007  Updated the For Sale page
11-11-2004  Updated the Tube Trips page
10-11-2004  Updated the TVC shootout page
21-07-2004  Added Music Center v2.0 project
12-07-2004  Revised the Music Center pages
27-06-2004  Updated the USB-Audio page
01-06-2004  Updated the USB-Audio page
28-05-2004  Placed the project about USB-Audio through my PC
13-04-2004  Listened to a PC hooked up to replace a CD transport, more info soon
13-04-2004  Did some testing between difference TVC's, will place info soon
24-01-2004  Updated the 842 project
20-01-2004  Updated the 842 project
10-01-2004  Added a poll to see who visits this site...
02-01-2004  The download section is up again after a glitch.
01-01-2004  Updated DIY projects pages.
01-01-2004  Summary 2003: This site now contains 169 pages. Just over 80MB of files generated an
                  average of 4.8GB/month of data flow caused by over 200.000 files being downloaded
                  each month. Average number of unique visitors each day was around 430. 
                  I received 4379 e-mails (not counting spam) and sent 2677.

                  In 1997 I was happy I filled a whole MB of data and had 20 visitors each day :))

29-12-2003  Added a guestbook to the site.
27-12-2003  Update of battery charger page.
10-12-2003  New design for Exodus 2.
02-12-2003  Added pictures and schematics to the Epilogue project.
16-11-2003  VERSION 12.0 New style for the site
15-11-2003  Almost 6 months since the last update. All has been quiet on the DIY front.
23-05-2003  Updated the SACD page with some pictures.
01-05-2003  Updated the SACD and setup pages.
26-04-2003  Got an SACD player.
14-04-2003  Updated For sale page.
21-03-2003  Update Tips&Tricks: Filaments section.
16-03-2003  Added search option.
12-03-2003  Blocked jim@... and info@... addresses due to spam.
27-02-2003  Added a forum to my site.
25-02-2003  Moved site to the new server. All seems well...
14-02-2003  Placed a new menu, changed CD review page.
20-01-2003  I'll be moving this site to my own server in a short time.
14-12-2002  Updated the Oris 150 page.
12-08-2002  Started work on a new project, OZ.
19-07-2002  Updated the Exodus 2 page.
20-06-2002  Some minor changes here and there.
30-05-2002  Added "Filaments" to the Tips & Tricks section.
23-05-2002  Updated the For Sale and Want List pages.
16-05-2002  Removed spelling errors and updated some schematics.
06-04-2002  Added links to phono related items.
18-03-2002  Updated the battery charger page.
10-03-2002  Added info for the Exodus Preamp.
02-03-2002  Errata on the Prologue, wrong filament voltage listed :(
26-02-2002  Added the 'drivers' page to the Tips & Tricks section.
10-02-2002  Added the 26 picture gallery, updated Oris150 and FireFly projects.
10-02-2002  Added continuation of the Exodus amp, now Exodus 2.
09-02-2002  Updated the formula .XLS file in the Tips section.
08-02-2002  Updated my want-list and Assault & Battery preamp page.
31-01-2002  Opened up the CD transport to fix the power switch.
25-01-2002  VERSION 11.0 New setup is beginning to take form.
16-01-2002  Updated the For Sale and DAF pages.
15-01-2002  Got my new bass horns.
25-12-2001  Added "Recommended Reading" list.
24-12-2001  Added "Tube Top Ten" lists.
23-12-2001  Changed menu structure for the "Tips & Tricks" section.
13-12-2001  [Exodus 2]  New output stage.
10-12-2001  [Oris 150]  Now using AER-nd2 units in the Oris horns.
09-12-2001  Started this page up again...
20-12-1998  Due to the many changes in short periods of time I quit adding them to this page...
25-07-1998  Placed three more DIY projects.
23-07-1998  Put up more info about the VT52.
20-07-1998  VERSION 9.3 new layout.
16-07-1998  Added sheets/info on the RE604, REN904, RS241, RE134 and 4683
14-07-1998  Added lots of datasheets including WE types.
14-07-1998  VT Components moving to it's own site in a short while.
14-07-1998  VT52 Home Page is now at again (for good this time).
13-07-1998  VERSION 9.2 Seperated VT-Components from my website.
20-06-1998  VERSION 9.1 new layout for VT-Components site.
10-06-1998  VERSION 9.0 Added site for VT-Components, VT52 moved to
17-05-1998  Added sheets for 46, 6DJ8/ECC88, 6BQ5/EL84, 6922/E88CC and 7119.
17-05-1998  Updated my links list, some sites quit or moved to other URL's.
16-05-1998  Added sheets for 6L6GB, KT66, 6550/KT88, 6SN7, 6SL7, 20 and 27.
16-03-1998  Made some changes to my preamp and power amp projects.
01-03-1998  VERSION 8.1 Completed VT52 site, integrated tube sales into home page.
26-02-1998  Added BD-Design site to my domain.
20-02-1998  VERSION 8.01 Removed Java layout.
18-02-1998  Changed my site name to "VT52 Home Page" since PhaetoN already exists.
18-02-1998  Added sheets for 833A, 812A, 5687, 3A5, 1H4, 1G6, 866A and 872A.
18-02-1998  Made several changes in the data sheet areas.
18-02-1998  VERSION 8.0 My URL is now
17-02-1998  Domain approved
15-02-1998  Registered for a domain name
06-02-1998  Placed non-frames, frames and applet version of this site.
03-02-1998  VERSION 7.3 New frames style.
24-01-1998  Got another Xoom! account giving a total of 35Mb (22Mb in 70 pages).
24-01-1998  Added datasheets for 811A, 812A, 833A, 3A5 and 6A3.
23-01-1998  Added datasheets for 5687, 27, WE274B and GZ37.
18-01-1998  Tried a new style out on my Poweramp Projects page. Maybe version 7.3 ?
13-01-1998  Removed glitch that prevented NetScape users from seeing my frames.
11-01-1998  Added datasheets for DA250, PJ7, PJ8, PJ21, DA60, 833A, 811A,
11-01-1998  12BH7, 801A, 842, 845, AV300B, DA100, 5AR4, 5V3, 5V4, 5U4,
11-01-1998  5Y3, 6X4, 6X5, 572B and VV30B....... Phew...!!!!
11-01-1997  I now have 30Mb of space on the net.
11-01-1997  Opened three more Xoom! accounts to place my datasheets on.
10-01-1998  Added datasheets for 10Y, 83, EC157, WE416C and WE437A.
03-01-1998  Moved most of my datasheets to Xoom! to clear some space.
03-01-1998  MIE4 does not seem to be 100% java complient!
02-01-1998  I now have 15Mb of space, 10 of which are already in use.
02-01-1998  Got a 5Mb account at Xoom!, cancelled my Geocities accounts.
02-01-1998  Complaint about MIE4 not being able to read my pages.
28-12-1997  Placed info on WE205D, WE212E and WE275A.
21-12-1997  Restyled most of the pages, they now all have white backgrounds.
15-12-1997  Rescanned all pictures of the construction of my Lowther BelCanto's.
14-12-1997  VERSION 7.2 New improved appearance.
07-10-1997  Added pics and info to my Preamp Project.
01-10-1997  Added some datasheets, am working on many more.
01-10-1997  Made some minor changes to some pages.
01-10-1997  VERSION 7.1 XS4ALL now gives 10Mb to users.
19-09-1997  Added data for some WE tubes.
18-09-1997  Created a frames and non-frames version.
16-09-1997  Temporarily remove frames layout to create two versions.
16-09-1997  Added the guitar amp project again.
15-09-1997  VERSION 7.0 Created a frames version of my site.
15-09-1997  NedStat now has option to track hits through links.
14-09-1997  Added datasheet pages for 80, 81, 82, 83, DA, PX4, 211 and 300B.
14-09-1997  Added several counters for tracking usage of my pages.
13-09-1997  XS4ALL will offer 10Mb of space.
13-09-1997  VERSION 6.2 All data moved to XS4ALL server.
11-09-1997  Got complaints that my "Tubesale" tables were not visible.
09-09-1997  Overhauled the "overview" tables and added new data.
07-09-1997  Added "overviews" for tube data pages giving specs for each group.
31-08-1997  Updated the "Preamp", "Power amp" and "Lowther" projects pages.
01-08-1997  Placed datasheet for the 864.
14-07-1997  Got another Geocities account. I now have 11Mb of space.
12-07-1997  VERSION 6.1 Made 99% of graphics smaller for faster access.
09-07-1997  Added "Tubes Info" and "VT chart" pages.
08-07-1997  Placed datasheets for 01A, 10, 12A, 50, 71A, V199/X199 and VT52.
07-07-1997  Placed datasheets for 1H4G, 1G4G, 31 and 2A3.
07-07-1997  Added info to 26, 30 and 45 datasheets.
29-06-1997  Got two GeoCities accounts, 2x 2Mb extra space for my datasheets.
29-06-1997  Placed the datasheets for 26, 30 and 45.
22-06-1997  My UTP address is now
22-06-1997  Placed a notification on my old site that I am moving.
22-06-1997  VERSION 6.0 Site activated at my new provider.
13-06-1997  Modified my pages so that they can be placed at a new provider.
12-06-1997  Removed personal stuff due to shortage of space on the server.
06-06-1997  Placed photos in the VT52 section and revised the tables.
01-06-1997  Placed info about different VT52 types. Added new tube sources.
30-05-1997  Placed pictures for "Preamp" and "Poweramp" projects.
01-05-1997  VERSION 5.0 Compressed graphics, new styles.
28-04-1997  Placed new schematics and revised texts. Ran out of space again...
20-04-1997  This site now consists of over 30 pages totaling 1.00Mb.
20-04-1997  VERSION 4.0 Restructured my entire www-directory.
18-04-1997  Created separate "Parts" pages for my running projects.
14-04-1997  Placed new schematics for preamp and poweramp.
12-04-1997  Placed the "Parts Sources" page.
11-04-1997  Placed more pictures for my preamp and poweramp projects.
08-04-1997  Placed the "Tubes For Sale" page.
08-04-1997  Placed the "Guitar amp Project" page.
07-04-1997  Placed several pictures of my projects.
04-04-1997  Replaced schematics of my projetcs.
02-04-1997  Added texts to my project pages.
30-03-1997  VERSION 3.0 Created non-frames layout again.
29-03-1997  Had several complaints about the new frames setup.
25-03-1997  Removed some glitches.
23-03-1997  VERSION 2.0 Altered entire layout of this site, created frames.
22-03-1997  Placed new schematics for my Preamp page.
21-03-1997  Placed the "Poweramp Project" page.
15-03-1997  Updated the "Myself" page.
11-03-1997  Added info to the "Myself" area, added pictures to some pages.
09-03-1997  Created new layout styles and buttons, modified some graphics.
04-03-1997  Placed schematic on the Preamp Project page.
18-02-1997  Created the "Proteus BBS" page.
18-02-1997  Created the "Updates" page.
17-02-1997  Created the "Skalar" page.
16-02-1997  VERSION 1.0 Split into 3 areas; PhaetoN, Skalar and Proteus.
15-02-1997  Made some modifications to the projects pages, placed new pictures.
13-02-1997  Put in some more links in the "Speaker-" and "Tube Links" pages.
10-02-1997  Added some info to my "Lowther Project" page.
09-02-1997  Placed the NedStat statistics link in my Index page.
06-02-1997  My URL is
06-02-1997  VERSION 0 Started my very first homepage.